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The little Harvey Weinstein

Originally posted on 10/16/2017 Hanau, Germany, 1995 My best friend for several years was Christiane. She lived about 8 miles (ca. 13 km) away. We spent as much time together as we could. I loved her. She was fierce, charming, and stunning. And she was a few years older than me. She had a brown […]

Gender Equality in Business

They came on planes from all over the world to the corporate meeting in London. The air reeked from excitement and fear (the typical perfume of M&A.) We were hundreds and hundreds of people and the different tongues united to a noise bouquet that reminded me of a busy beehive. Is my job safe? Can […]


It's tiny. Others are much bigger. But it was smaller. Compared to how little it was, it grew a lot. Rather than size, perhaps we should admire who challenges their status quo.

Lemon and Lime

A long time ago when the light was still deciding who got in and who doesn't, yellow was in trouble.

8 Things we can learn from our grandparents about sustainability
Paris Climate Agreement - We're Back!

Today (02/19) we’re back in the Paris climate agreement. As the second largest offender (after China with way more citizens), this is significant news for the world! Biden promised to re-enter the agreement on his first day in office - and he did. The 30-day wait period has ended today, and we’re back in! According […]

The empty noise on social media

The war for attention is real, and it's brutal. Players who think they control the game are played by bigger players. And for what? For ad revenue. Companies like facebook, Google, & Co don't care what they have to do to maximise profit. If we spend more time on their sites (increasing our exposure to […]

Paris Climate Agreement Exit – Most Important Questions Answered

It’s official. The US is out of the Paris Climate agreement. What now?
The most important questions answered.

The Psychology of Foolishness during a Pandemic

Recklessness in times of crisis The number of Corona infections is rising, and it’s partly related to psychology. Why are we reckless in times of a crisis? Chapters: Risk vs Danger - are they the same?Why security increases our riskFaster, harder, louder (personal story)Why we take unnecessary risksRecklessness in times of Corona Risk vs Danger […]

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