Some do not want to be the cause of any animal suffering, some just do not like the taste of steak and bacon or want to live healthier. 

Being vegan is not a thing anymore, is it? 

17 situation where being vegan can be tough:


  1. Everyone thinks you will die from protein deficiency any minute
  2. You order tapas with your friends, and the carnivores eat all the veggies 
  3. You bite heartily into that croissant and learn it´s filled with ham 
  4. Friends ask: "So .... what ARE you eating?" 
  5. Friends immediately start defending their consumption of meat when you did not say a thing
  6. You´re watching a cooking video on Facebook, and suddenly they add chicken 
  7. The host thinks he has to offer tofu to you 
  8. Carnivores want to split the bill, and you just had a small garden salad
  9. Friends ask if it´s ok that they eat meat in your presence 
  10. A friend suggests a restaurant and days: "They also have french fries." 
  11. Every conversation leads to the question why you are vegan 
  12. Friends ask: "How about fish?" 
  13. You scan every salad for meat cuts 
  14. You buy a cookbook - but can only use three recipes 
  15. Your grandma says: "But you used to eat meat."
  16. You lie awake at night wondering if the broth was really vegetarian 
  17. You want to be vegan, but OH that cheese

      Thanks to Focus Magazin