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The 10-week sustainability training suggests effective but easy to implement amendments that will neither cost a lot of time nor effort. 
So ... this week ... I hardly dare to write the headline. Why? 
Sustainabliity Challenge

Car? No, thank you!

It's unthinkable for most of us to leave the car at home. But it would make a big difference if we ride a bike or take the bus/train. Let's experiment this week!

The Challenge

  • Try to not use your car at least two days this week. That will be very hard for some, simple for others. If you're living in a rural area, it might not even be possible. 
  • If you don't have a bike, consider buying one. I know they have a tacky reputation in the US, but I am not sure why. They are ideal for fitness, weight-loss and it's fun!
  • Even if you'd have to take your car to work. You can still save on unnecessary trips or short-trips. Consider walking or taking your bike if you're just grabbing something from the gas station 2 blocks away. 
At the end of the week analyze how it felt. 
"Was it fun?"
"Was it stressful?"
Maybe you learn that you enjoyed the short walk. Or perhaps you met someone nice on the train and had a great conversation? If you took the train, you might have claimed back the chance to read a book. And I have an even better suggestion for you - but I leave shameless self-marketing until the end (:
Even if you drove one time less - you have helped our planet! If you can, just keep on doing what you did during the challenge and make it a habit. 
I will admit that the next tip would be hard on me and I would rather walk 50 minutes straight (during a thunderstorm): Consider car pooling. Neighbors, friends, colleagues - try to pinpoint when you can share a ride.
It also counts if you offer yourself as the driver. 


Air traffic is bad for the environment. But we want to fly to other countries or have to use planes regularly for business reasons. 
This article on Smithonian.com is quite interesting. In Germany, passengers have the possibility to pay about $15 (for a short flight) extra to a non-profit that is focused on reducing the negative impact of our carbon footprint. I read articles in US magazines that imply that they are "testing the water" and check if such a step would be accepted. 

How you help the environment

A car driving 6,000 miles p.a. produces around 4400 pounds of CO2. The sustainable amount for a single person is about 5000 pounds. 
If you reduce the number of trips, you help to protect the climate. 
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