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Buy a tongue cleaner? But, I already brush, floss, and gargle with mouthwash twice a day, isn’t that enough? Well, to be honest, no, it isn’t.

Buy a Tongue Cleaner and Improve your Health

Many people forget about the tongue when they perform their daily oral care and they shouldn’t. The tongue occupies half of our mouth space. It is responsible for our ability to taste food, so don’t you think it deserves more attention?

Did you know the tongue is just one of our body’s detoxification paths and is as important to keep clean as your teeth?

Ayurvedic Medicine Thinks You Should Buy A Tongue Cleaner Too

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of life. A tongue scraper has been used in the everyday oral routine in this science for over 5,000 years. It is used to remove bacteria and toxic “stuff” that may cause decay of the tooth and bad breath.

Amazingly, the way the tongue looks is one of the important tools to diagnose illness in Ayurveda, due to the fact it can detect things going on in the digestive tract before you may have changes in your bowels.

When you get up in the morning, look closely at your tongue in a mirror. If you are seeing a thick, excessive, bad-tasting coating on the tongue, it is an indication there is ama in your gastrointestinal tract. This ama is a toxic residue of food that is undigested. In Ayurveda, it is considered the starting stage of all diseases.

What Kind Of Tongue Cleaner Should I Buy?

A normal tongue indicating good digestion will have a thin, moist, slightly white coating. You should be scraping the tongue, whether you have this healthy coating or an excessive coating as it will help scrape the toxins that will accumulate as you sleep.

To remove this layer on the tongue, you need to use a special tongue scraper. This tongue scraper is a V-shaped, thin metal tool will last a lifetime and usually costs less than $10. Ayurveda recommends a silver, copper or gold scraper, depending on what the individual constitution is. For all constitutions, a stainless steel scraper is good and is cheaper.

You will often see the plastic tongue scrapers in the stores, but we should be trying to reduce our use of plastics for earth-health and our health, these are not advised for use. Also, a lot of people use their toothbrush to clean their tongue, but this doesn’t result in the same effects that a tongue scraper has. A toothbrush, will embed the bacteria in the toothbrush, and relocate it, instead of removing it from the tongue.

Following the Ayurvedic tradition, a copper tongue cleaner is recommended.


Every morning you should be scraping your tongue before you brush your teeth. Do this by starting in the back and scrap slowly to the tip. Do this 5-10 times, making sure you are removing as much of the toxic coating as you can. This whole routine should take about 10 seconds.

The tongue holds plaque, oral debris, and bacteria that by using the tongue scraper clears this away.

Several studies show tongue scraping to reduce lactobacillus and streptococcus mutants. These are bacteria known to contribute to tooth decay. Also, it helps bad breath much better than using a toothbrush to clean your tongue.

Final Words

I think that beyond the scientific proof of the benefits of scraping your tongue, the feeling of a clean fresh mouth is motivation enough. Spend the small amount of money and buy a tongue cleaner that is metal and will last you a lifetime.

You will see benefits not only in your oral health, but the health of your entire body. I think that when you start this practice daily, you won’t go back to not using a tongue cleaner.

It is an inexpensive, easy way to improve your health.

Some people object to cleaning their tongue by saying it is "gross". My question to you: Would rather have the gross stuff inside of your body or out?   You can get them at Amazon, eBay, alternative stores, health stores.