Short Life and Long Death of Hector Garcia

The price of obesity The tragic and short life of Hector Garcia During his bad times, Hector´s weight was around 650 pounds. In better times it was 425. Thanks to Lisa Krantz for the documentary this article is based on.    His nursery became his jail Ten years before he died Hector Garcia hid from […]

Jerry is on a "lose it" diet

What´s wrong with Jerry? This is Jerry.He looks at his impression in the mirror.Who is that walrus standing in front of him? Didn´t he have a healthy weight for most of his life? Jerry decides that it cannot go on like this. The warning of his doctor still echoes in his mind. And his wife […]

5 Facts about Healthy Weight and Obesity

Dangerous fat pads are hard to spot  Obesity and being overweight is said to be unhealthy and dangerous. "Less eating more working out" is something overweight people hear over and over again. Obese people might get evil looks when they eat a treat in public and are considered the next candidate for diabetes and cardiovascular […]

Why GMO´s make you fat

GMO - The Weight Loss Killer Why GMO’s Are Making You Fat And Damage Your Liver That’s a doom and gloom headline, now isn’t it?  But it’s a fact, GMO’s are making you fat and GMO’s are damaging your liver.  How can the foods we eat and have been approved by the government be doing […]