The "Body Positivity" Misconception

What's wrong about "end body shaming" I wanted to write this short post on the misunderstanding about body positivity and body shaming for a while now. My intention could not be farther from hurting anyone's feelings. I hope I will succeed. The topic has potential to polarize and leaves room for misunderstanding. Shaming vs Body […]

How Monsanto Lies About Cancer Risk

Yesterday, I told someone that in order to be able to help people and fight unfairness, we have to conserve our energy, pick our fights carefully and push away "heavy thoughts" at times. And that is true. As you all know, Monsanto is a company with such horrible business ethics that they are one of […]

10-Week Sustainability Challenge - Week 3

Welcome back to the third week of our sustainability challenge. If you missed the first two weeks: Please refer to the links at the bottom of this post. This week we are going to be watchers. Observers, you could say. We need to leave our ego behind this week and look at things without judgment […]

5 Ingredients Make Your Deodorant Dangerous

We are right in the middle of a heat wave here in Chicago. Having lived in Germany 90 % of my life, that takes a toll on me. Especially in summer we love to rely on our deodorant to protect us from evil odor. Some deodorants also reduce the amount of sweat. I find this topic […]

20 Hidden Gluten Traps

Gluten ahead, celiac disease patients Luckily, I do not have any food allergies. I eat gluten (in moderation, whole grain and organic whenever possible) - bread plays a significant role in the European kitchen.    But once you have celiac disease you will have to stay away from gluten for the rest of your life. […]

Short Life and Long Death of Hector Garcia

The price of obesity The tragic and short life of Hector Garcia During his bad times, Hector´s weight was around 650 pounds. In better times it was 425. Thanks to Lisa Krantz for the documentary this article is based on.    His nursery became his jail Ten years before he died Hector Garcia hid from […]

Jerry is on a "lose it" diet

What´s wrong with Jerry? This is Jerry.He looks at his impression in the mirror.Who is that walrus standing in front of him? Didn´t he have a healthy weight for most of his life? Jerry decides that it cannot go on like this. The warning of his doctor still echoes in his mind. And his wife […]

Surprising Uses Of Kombucha

A while ago I shared information about Kombucha and whether it lives up to the hype.  You can find the original article HERE. I bet you look at Kombucha as a tea drink only. Some of the uses might actually surprise you. Have a look at his wonderful graphic:

GMO and Organic Food Labeling

A Conflict in Food Labeling? Here is a thought I just had while I was chopping organic carrots. Yes, "organic carrots". I was cutting carrots really but for some reason companies that produce food in natural ways have to go through a complicated and lengthy process to be allowed to tell me that they produced […]

GMO Danger - Foods to avoid

UPDATE 11/19/2015 GMO salmon cleared for human consumption. The AquaBounty frankensalmon I told you about received clearing by federal regulation. Shares went up 6.4 %. Cynical. No labeling required. Avoid these GMO Foods After chatting with someone yesterday who was under the impression that he is not taking in any foods that contain genetically modified […]

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