The little Harvey Weinstein

Originally posted on 10/16/2017 Hanau, Germany, 1995 My best friend for several years was Christiane. She lived about 8 miles (ca. 13 km) away. We spent as much time together as we could. I loved her. She was fierce, charming, and stunning. And she was a few years older than me. She had a brown […]

Gender Equality in Business

They came on planes from all over the world to the corporate meeting in London. The air reeked from excitement and fear (the typical perfume of M&A.) We were hundreds and hundreds of people and the different tongues united to a noise bouquet that reminded me of a busy beehive. Is my job safe? Can […]

Why anonymity destroys freedom of expression

Who still believes the internet is free and uncontrollable must be rather naive. Our freedom of expression is in grave danger. You might think I am referring to sinister secret services, conspiracy theorists, or radical extremists from left and right. No. I am referring to the people who are out of control. I am speaking […]

How to turn good people evil

Were you surprised when White House officials first referred to refugees and immigrants as "animals infesting our country"? Or are you already used to the dehumanizing wording? Did you cry when you thought about the drugged children in cages? Or do you feel it's their own fault? I am sure you have asked yourself how […]

The "Body Positivity" Misconception

What's wrong about "end body shaming" I wanted to write this short post on the misunderstanding about body positivity and body shaming for a while now. My intention could not be farther from hurting anyone's feelings. I hope I will succeed. The topic has potential to polarize and leaves room for misunderstanding. Shaming vs Body […]

Texas Shooting: Division or Bridges?

These days I am often shocked by what I see on my timelines. Mainly Twitter, the site I am most active. Hate speech. One camp adores a guy who makes fun of a disabled reporter and calls unattractive women "pigs" while the other camp makes as spiteful "fun" about a president who cannot think very […]

How Monsanto Lies About Cancer Risk

Yesterday, I told someone that in order to be able to help people and fight unfairness, we have to conserve our energy, pick our fights carefully and push away "heavy thoughts" at times. And that is true. As you all know, Monsanto is a company with such horrible business ethics that they are one of […]

This Present Moment, Frankly, Sucks!

Guest Post by Nicole Chardenet Nicole caught my eye after reading some of her outspoken, thought-provoking yet entertaining pieces. I know you'll love her just as I do. I am happy and proud to present: Mindfulness teaches us to live in this present moment which is the only moment we have. Unfortunately, what I was […]

Why am I so angry?

Why am I so angry? I am furious. The world is becoming a snakepit full of violence and hate. Are you angry too?   Deplorable Mitch Mitch is getting ready. He puts on his Lakers shirt, a pair of baggy Jeans and his "Make America great again" cap. He'll meet with friends to have a […]

War of Wrists - Apple vs Fashion World

The war of wrists has just begun At first, the fashion industry was not interested in getting into the smart watch market. But now they want a piece of the pie. Especially brand names who serve the mass market are pushing and they are not willing to leave the field to Apple.   Apple vs […]