Paris Climate Agreement - We're Back!

Today (02/19) we’re back in the Paris climate agreement. As the second largest offender (after China with way more citizens), this is significant news for the world! Biden promised to re-enter the agreement on his first day in office - and he did. The 30-day wait period has ended today, and we’re back in! According […]

Paris Climate Agreement Exit – Most Important Questions Answered

It’s official. The US is out of the Paris Climate agreement. What now?
The most important questions answered.

Ethical Consumerism – Positive Buyers Demand More For Their Buck

This is the first part of a weekly series about ethical consumerism. Part 1 - Good Customer, Bad Customer Buy to save the world It's such an interesting and simple idea: With our dollars, we can change the world. But why is the movement not growing? Why are factory workers still being exploited? Why don't […]

Sustainability Challenge - Week 7

Can you guess the biggest hurdle for people who flirt with the idea of minimalism? The potential loss of social status and fear of what others might think when they give up their status symbols. A minimalistic way of life is not for everyone. De-cluttering and simplifying our lives, on the other hand, is good […]

Plastic Waste found in Deep Sea Creatures

No place on earth is safe from our plastic garbage. As reported by the Independent, scientists could document remainders of plastic waste in deep sea creatures. Both, macro- and micro-plastics were found in creatures living in the deepest part of the sea. Plastic waste in deep sea Deep sea means nearly 7 miles depth. Scientists […]

How Monsanto Lies About Cancer Risk

Yesterday, I told someone that in order to be able to help people and fight unfairness, we have to conserve our energy, pick our fights carefully and push away "heavy thoughts" at times. And that is true. As you all know, Monsanto is a company with such horrible business ethics that they are one of […]

Sustainability Challenge - Week 6

The Carnivore Challenge This 10-week sustainability training focuses on changes that are easy to implement into everyday life. They neither require a lot of time or other investments. At the same time, you will help the environment. This is the 6th challenge. I stopped eating meat many years ago. There are several reasons to reduce […]

Sustainability Challenge Week 5

Welcome back! How is it going so far? I would love to hear about your experience!  The 10-week sustainability training suggests effective but easy to implement amendments that will neither cost a lot of time nor effort.  So ... this week ... I hardly dare to write the headline. Why?  Car? No, thank you! It's […]

Sustainability Challenge Week 4

Minimalism - Less is More Minimalism is trending: Give stuff away, buy it used, buy only what you really need. But the group of people who try to use resources responsibly is still small. To many, it seems like a daunting task. You know ... we don't always have to go to an extreme. Even […]

10-Week Sustainability Challenge - Week 3

Welcome back to the third week of our sustainability challenge. If you missed the first two weeks: Please refer to the links at the bottom of this post. This week we are going to be watchers. Observers, you could say. We need to leave our ego behind this week and look at things without judgment […]