Sustainability Challenge - Week 2

Part 2 of your 10-week training The 10-week training focuses on simple and easy to implement steps. This is week 2. How did it go last week? Not that hard, was it? If you missed the first week, you can catch up here: Week 1   How to save energy at home Do you have to […]

Free 10-Week Sustainability Training

Sustainability Challenge No 1 Here is how it works: each week (on Sundays) I post a new lesson sadly, you must remember to come back (my personal blog does not have a newsletter service) there are no sales pitches Why am I doing this?  Because it is right and dear to my heart.  Small changes […]

Why tomatoes have no taste anymore

It felt just right. Delicious looking is the warm red skin and the scent of tomato tickles my nose. I rest my finger and press it gently. Yes, it feels just right. Not too hard, not too mushy. When I was young, I used to bite a whole in the tomato and then suck the […]

8 Steps To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Plastic waste pollutes our seas, ends up in the bellies of fishes (who often die a terrible death) and therefore later on our plates. That is only one example of the impact of plastic waste on our environment. Many of us would like to reduce their negative impact on this planet, but they don't know […]

Movie Tip: Food Chains

Or: A Story of Greed and Abuse More and more for less and less. Farm workers pay the price for the food industry wars. The film "Food Chains" reveals methods of modern slavery - and the small successes of activists in their war against slavery and abuse. The movie features Eva Longoria and producer of […]

5 Ingredients Make Your Deodorant Dangerous

We are right in the middle of a heat wave here in Chicago. Having lived in Germany 90 % of my life, that takes a toll on me. Especially in summer we love to rely on our deodorant to protect us from evil odor. Some deodorants also reduce the amount of sweat. I find this topic […]

True Cost Accounting of Food Production

The true price of cheap food Food is dirt cheap. To be exact: it is too cheap. The real costs are way higher than the prices we pay in supermarkets and at discounters. The ones paying the bill are our environment and people that are being exploited for the cheap production of food. True cost […]

GMO Danger - Foods to avoid

UPDATE 11/19/2015 GMO salmon cleared for human consumption. The AquaBounty frankensalmon I told you about received clearing by federal regulation. Shares went up 6.4 %. Cynical. No labeling required. Avoid these GMO Foods After chatting with someone yesterday who was under the impression that he is not taking in any foods that contain genetically modified […]

Why our Food is too Cheap

How cheap food harms us The United States are the country that developed most of the fast food companies and is ahead of everyone else when it comes to processing food. You find a Burger King next to most McDonalds, directly opposite of the Taco Bell that is the neighbor to a Dunkin Donut. Our […]