Women In Trees - A Mystery?

Tickling your imagination I came across a photo series today, published in the German magazine “Stern”. Of women in trees (in Germany). Yes, women in trees. The pictures below are part of a photo book by Jochen Raiß with over 100 pictures (Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag). As the Stern article explains: When Jochen Raiß found the […]

The Terrifying Trip of a Chinese Tourist

Odyssey of an accidental refugee It´s one of these stories, you know, that are funny to read but not so funny to live. The German news magazine "Der Spiegel" reported this story today. It reminded me a little bit on Franz Kafka's "The Trial", hence the picture. It is about a Chinese tourist in Germany […]

Why we stopped posting relationship pictures

One could think that only two kinds of users exist on the internet: The ones that take us to their bedroom, offer intimate insights into their relationships and love life (and don´t forget the family vacation) - and those who are tired of just that. Who can hold it against them? Nobody knows who might […]

You Are Not A Leader

Thoughts on Leadership on Social Media Let me vent for a minute. The following is my personal opinion. Subjective and judgemental. I am getting so tired of all of the leadership posts and leadership quotes on social media. One could think that our society consists of just leaders.  And that the only decent way of […]

How Memes Change Our Communication

In September of 2007, a young blogger uploaded a video defending Britney Spears. Spears had just been slaughtered for her appearance at the MTV Music Awards. The US blogger screamed and asked that critics leave Spears alone. The video has been watched over 2 million times within the first 24 hours. Several remixes manifested as […]

True Cost Accounting of Food Production

The true price of cheap food Food is dirt cheap. To be exact: it is too cheap. The real costs are way higher than the prices we pay in supermarkets and at discounters. The ones paying the bill are our environment and people that are being exploited for the cheap production of food. True cost […]

5 Reasons for eliminating Grains from your Diet

Is eating grains good for you? The cavemen diet (Paleo) suggests removing grains from your diet completely. One of the reasons is history. From what we know large amounts of grains became available with the start of agriculture. Agriculture marked the end of the cavemen area. Others bring up the argument of evolution. Their standpoint […]