Kellogg's Special K Diet-What A Lie

You’ve probably heard of the Kellogg’s Special K Diet, better known as "The Special K Challenge". Special K is a favorite brand of cereal for many people. Especially people who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle and want to lose weight love the brand.

One would assume that because they use the word diet and challenge it would be healthy and help you lose weight, right? Well, let’s look at it a bit closer, shall we?

What Is The Kellogg’s Special K Diet?

This diet is a program that lasts two weeks and offers calorie-restricted, nutrient-poor meal plans that the brand has been tempting people with for years. It primarily attracts women and dresses it up by adding colors and a web-based interactive tool that is made mainly to attract the woman’s eye.

On the interactive website, you can choose a day to start the diet and then customize a plan by choosing from different meal types. These are:

  • Classic
  • Mix It Up
  • On-the-go
  • Chocolate lovers

Chocolate? Well, that would certainly appeal to most women I know. Then you can mix and match a variety of Special K products and create your personal 14-day diet.

A Look At Just The Cereal

The Ingredients

So, let’s look at the first few ingredients in the original Special K cereal. Let’s see, we have rice, and then wheat gluten, and last, but not least, sugar. And following those close behind is high fructose corn syrup. Really?

What I am reading right off, is it is telling me that the cereal is full of sugar. What that means is that it is like to have a high glycemic index.

What does that mean for you? Consuming the cereal will spike your blood glucose, and then drop suddenly, leaving you hungry and tired and craving more food.

A Closer Look At The Ingredients

  • Wheat gluten improves the flavor and texture.
  • It contains 223 mg of salt.
  • Dried whey is an additive to give flavor and is in reality whey protein without the moisture. This adds protein to the cereal.
  • Wheat germ is the ingredient that gives this cereal most all of the nutrients. It adds the slight amount of fiber and a bit of protein.
  • Malt adds flavor too.

The rest of the ingredients are minerals and vitamins that are just added and in no way from whole food. While there is not scientific proof that artificial vitamins are helping your health it has been proven that some artificial vitamins can be dangerous. My pledge for whole food vitamins will be a post you can read later this week.

I never like to see the first few ingredients in anything to be sugar (GMO sugar to make things worse). And what is surprising is that the actual fiber in the cereal is less than a gram.

Special K cereal just doesn’t have a high-quality grain. It lacks the needed nutrients, phytochemicals and fiber that you want and need at the start of your day.

A bunch of Sugar and More GMO Sugar

Do you know Kellogg´s trick for not having to show sugar as the FIRST ingredient? Everything marked in yellow is pure sugar or sugar in disguise. That is disgusting, isn´t it? Do you see how you WILL fail with a "diet" like this?

Food Industry Exposed

Do you want to depend on companies tricking you and feeding you genetically modified crops when it comes to your health and weight?

Wrapping This Up

The whole diet/challenge is lacking in adequate calories and nutrition. As far as I can see Kellogg’s approach to weight loss and nutrition is a good example of irresponsibility and a corporate-endorsed, media-endorsed insight that this should be the plan followed for someone to lose weight.

It also adds unneeded pressure on women when it comes to what they look like. By depriving your body of nutrition and proper calories, it is abusive to our bodies, as well as dangerous.

Special K is neither healthy nor diets food, and if I were you, I would either eat healthy food or go for real chocolate and snacks.

Kellogg´s is a front runner when it comes to GMO food. They use genetically modified corn as well as sugar.

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