A Conflict in Food Labeling?

GMO and Organic Food Labeling

Here is a thought I just had while I was chopping organic carrots.

Yes, "organic carrots". I was cutting carrots really but for some reason companies that produce food in natural ways have to go through a complicated and lengthy process to be allowed to tell me that they produced a healthy carrot in a sustainable way.

Monsanto put on trial for crimes against the People

Yesterday I read that Monsanto finally has been put on trial for crimes against humanity.

Not for even a fraction of their "crimes" but it´s a start. It gave me back some hope. I cannot say for how many years I am signing petitions and starting discussions. Monsanto is not the only "bad guy" when it comes to GMO´s but one of the big ones. Find the full list HERE 

So what I was thinking yesterday is: It takes longer than expected buy there is hope that even more of The People will stand up for labeling of GMO food.

GMO Food Labeling

  What tickles me pink is that people who add harmful toxins to our foods are not required to mention so.    People who alter our foods with known hazardous consequences and many consequences we do not even know as of yet are not obliged to label it.      Currently discussed is the use of barcodes. So if you scan a barcode, it will tell you whether the food contains GMO ingredients or is genetically modified. 

Go ahead and try it:

qr code


How long did that take? Can you imagine you would run around your grocery store in your sparse time and scan 40 labels? I don´t think anyone would do that. And how about poor people without smartphones and data plans? Are they not allowed to know what they are eating?

Why are manufacturers that alter food not required to mark it while producers who don´t alter our foods have a hard time and costs to be allowed to label it? Ok, that was a rhetorical question, we all know the an$wer. Let me rephrase: Why do not more of The People stand up to this fact?

The People who call themselves Christian might want to intervene when someone messes with the way God created the world.

The People who care about their health, the health of their kids and the well-being of our planet would have a good reason to intervene.

You know... the world inside my head is very, very simple.

  1. To me, a carrot is a carrot that has been produced in a natural way and has not been altered. No label or descriptive word should be required. 
  2. A carrot that is produced with conventional methods should carry a warning label. I have the right to know (remember...we are still in the world in my head) that a) the product might contain unhealthy toxins b) the animal might have been raised in wicked, cruel ways c) the product was produced in an unsustainable way. 
  3. GMO foods. I have the right to know that someone just made me a guinea pig for a technology that besides the known risks contains an unknown number of additional risks to my health and the safety of the earth. To make things worse, GMO cannot be taken from the market with a call-back. It cannot be reversed. 
  4. "Organic" should not have to be labeled. Inorganic and nonorganic should have to be. 

Sometimes I am wondering what companies who produce unhealthy foods or employees of the FDA are feeding their kids. Are they having an aspartame coffee with their cheerios breakfast before they go out in the garden with a can of roundup and grill some corn dogs?

Why are GMO foods banned in so many other countries? Why are we one of the few countries not demanding labeling of GMO food? Why are so many toxic additives allowed here that are banned in countries all over the world?

Does America love their people less than other countries? Or do we, the People, just not care enough? You know what? That is what it is. We as consumers have the power. With our buying decisions,we influence what is being produced and in which way.

Thanks for joining the simple world in my head for a minute.

On your way back to reality: This is an excellent site to start to take action: OCA

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