What´s wrong with Jerry?

This is Jerry.
He looks at his impression in the mirror.
Who is that walrus standing in front of him?

Didn´t he have a healthy weight for most of his life? Jerry decides that it cannot go on like this. The warning of his doctor still echoes in his mind. And his wife is not digging it. His kids make fun of Jerry. And could this be the reason he did not get that promotion?

Jerry is on a diet

Jerry starts a diet

Low-carb is trending. Paleo. That´s how you lose the extra pounds in no time. Jerry wants to be on the safe side. He does not buy one book. He buys three books. He creates a meal planner. He goes shopping and buys all of the right foods.

His willpower is up. He will see it through.

Week 1: Lost 2 pounds
Week 2: Lost 3 pounds
Week 12: Lost 12 pounds
Week 24: Lost 20 pounds

Hooray! Jerry reached his goal.

He´s not super skinny, but he has a healthy weight again. Jerry looks great, and he feels great. He feels like the king of the world! Truthfully, he was said to be seen in front of his mirror trying several weird gestures saying "bring it on" and "what you got on me, huh?"

Now he can relax. Be a bit less strict and enjoy again. Just a little bit.

Half a year later: Jerry is the walrus again.

It´s called the Jojo effect. And it happens to most people on diets.

Maybe you know it from personal experience? So what´s Jerry´s problem?

Is Jerry lacking willpower?

  Absolutely not. The sole idea of it is ridiculous. How should he have seen a diet through 24 weeks if he had no willpower?   His problem and the problem of other dieters is that with heroic effort they solved the wrong problem.    The 20 extra pounds were not the problem. They were the symptom.    His problem resides in his brain.  

The moral of the story: Don´t solve the first best problem. Solve the real problem. The root of the problem that is the origin of your dissatisfaction and eating behavior.    Jerry could ask himself why he gained weight after his diet. Why he gains weight at all. What is the cause of the cause of the cause?    If you´re with me until here you can ask yourself:   "How can I identify and solve the right problem?"   Because when you start digging for the cause is when you stop treating symptoms and get nearer to the root of the problem.   

What´s next?

  Next, we´ll get you some support. Do you want to know how Jerry made it?    Sign up to this free webinar and learn about the real problem and how to tackle it.  Reserve your spot now   Alternatively, you can book personal coaching with me.  


Ok, let´s go!