A long time ago when the light was still deciding who got in and who doesn't, yellow was in trouble.

Light took a liking for green, so green got in.

Yellow was sad and silently awaited its turn.

Light wasn't too thrilled about blue either. Blue took a seat next to yellow, and together they cried. They asked green repeatedly to share the light with them. Green refused.

Green had everything, but it wanted more, more, more!

"Blue," yellow said, "if I slide into you or you slide into me, we can create our own green." Blue thought about it for a moment. It liked the idea.

Meanwhile, yellow called green, and after repeated pleas, condescending green granted a short audience.

"Green," said yellow. "Blue and I are going to mix. We'll create our own green."

Green got yellow in the face and apologized for the "misunderstanding."

Yellow got lemons.

Green got limes.