The gloating about trump's COVID-19 diagnosis

When the message of trump’s COVID-19 infection spread, many were gloating.

Are we evil people? Did trump make himself a victim with his obsession to downplay the danger and not show “weakness”? Is it allowed to feel that way when another person is sick? What is wrong with us?

In this article, you will learn how we make moral judgements and why some people gloat over the misfortune of another individual.

How Corona shapes society

We’re amid a conflict that forces us to to find a balance between isolation and staying safe. Washing our hands, wearing masks and keeping a distance has become our new normal. Corona also changes how we interact with each other, how we love, and how we live.

Evolution and Jealousy

On the first look, jealousy must be one of the most counterproductive emotions of them all. Just think of all the relationships that break because one partner is overly jealous.

Overcoming conspiracy and crisis

When conspiracy theories and rumors are on the rise Since 2016, the number of people who believe what they want has increased dramatically. Some of us have become fact-resistant. As we are dealing with the impact of the coronavirus, the world has become quieter in some places much louder in others. Telling rumors and conspiracies, […]

The danger of the obvious

Communication has more aspects than spoken words and words have more dimensions than "right" and "wrong." We should pay attention to the obvious. It saves a lot of time and energy to acknowledge what is right in front of you. However, we shouldn’t give the obvious too much importance. Perhaps the color of the wrap […]

I will not allow that you feel alone any longer

This letter is for you.
I want you to know that I will not allow that you feel alone. You won't feel ignored or abused anymore. I will not allow that you feel alone because you deserve as many good things as everyone else - just because you exist. You deserve it because you matter.

"Ligue de LOL" Not your typical troll

The cyber mobbing clique "Ligue de LOL" is a group of French journalists, influencers, and marketers who coordinated their violent cyber mobbing attacks (mostly on women) via their Facebook group Wait, did I say "not your typical troll?" Is there such a thing as a "typical troll?" A pimply, lonely teenager in the basement? What […]

The perfect digital world
Ethical Consumerism – Positive Buyers Demand More For Their Buck

This is the first part of a weekly series about ethical consumerism. Part 1 - Good Customer, Bad Customer Buy to save the world It's such an interesting and simple idea: With our dollars, we can change the world. But why is the movement not growing? Why are factory workers still being exploited? Why don't […]

Why anonymity destroys freedom of expression

Who still believes the internet is free and uncontrollable must be rather naive. Our freedom of expression is in grave danger. You might think I am referring to sinister secret services, conspiracy theorists, or radical extremists from left and right. No. I am referring to the people who are out of control. I am speaking […]