Sustainability Challenge - Week 6

The Carnivore Challenge This 10-week sustainability training focuses on changes that are easy to implement into everyday life. They neither require a lot of time or other investments. At the same time, you will help the environment. This is the 6th challenge. I stopped eating meat many years ago. There are several reasons to reduce […]

We have moved

We have just moved to a different hosting service to make sure you do not have to experience long loading times. Most of the content made it over safely. Errors, for instance, formatting, will be taken care of in the next few days. Thank you for being valued readers of this blog!

Sustainability Challenge Week 5

Welcome back! How is it going so far? I would love to hear about your experience!  The 10-week sustainability training suggests effective but easy to implement amendments that will neither cost a lot of time nor effort.  So ... this week ... I hardly dare to write the headline. Why?  Car? No, thank you! It's […]

Sustainability Challenge Week 4

Minimalism - Less is More Minimalism is trending: Give stuff away, buy it used, buy only what you really need. But the group of people who try to use resources responsibly is still small. To many, it seems like a daunting task. You know ... we don't always have to go to an extreme. Even […]

10-Week Sustainability Challenge - Week 3

Welcome back to the third week of our sustainability challenge. If you missed the first two weeks: Please refer to the links at the bottom of this post. This week we are going to be watchers. Observers, you could say. We need to leave our ego behind this week and look at things without judgment […]

Sustainability Challenge - Week 2

Part 2 of your 10-week training The 10-week training focuses on simple and easy to implement steps. This is week 2. How did it go last week? Not that hard, was it? If you missed the first week, you can catch up here: Week 1   How to save energy at home Do you have to […]

Free 10-Week Sustainability Training

Sustainability Challenge No 1 Here is how it works: each week (on Sundays) I post a new lesson sadly, you must remember to come back (my personal blog does not have a newsletter service) there are no sales pitches Why am I doing this?  Because it is right and dear to my heart.  Small changes […]

Dead is the Princess

A Shannon Dermody Awareness project Close this page now if you are a Disney fan. Shannon Dermody has chosen a polarizing approach to raise awareness. It leaves you shocked, hurt - and touched. Perhaps that's what we need. We are visual creatures with a rapidly decreasing attention span. Way too often we sugarcoat, don't call […]

IoT and the Cost of Convenience

Credits: Withings/Kérastase/L'Oréal Careful, your hairbrush is watching Available this fall is a connected hairbrush that comes with a built-in microphone. As reported by WIRED, as soon as someone brushes their hair, the hairbrush collects data. The inbuilt microphone is said to listen to the sound of the brushing and identifies patterns in the movement. The […]

Three reasons to be grateful to Trump

Thank you, Mr. Trump - 7 Week Review It is unnecessary to share my political view. I am a social skills coach. And even though I am a US citizen, I spent 8/9 of my life as a guest in Germany. Need I say more? Please understand that the statement below expresses a personal, biased, subjective […]