Why tomatoes have no taste anymore

It felt just right. Delicious looking is the warm red skin and the scent of tomato tickles my nose. I rest my finger and press it gently. Yes, it feels just right. Not too hard, not too mushy. When I was young, I used to bite a whole in the tomato and then suck the […]

Why we fall for fake news and how to spot them

Why it's easy to fall for fake news Only others fall for fake news. Illiterate people, fans of conspiracy theories and especially people with a different political opinion. Ain't that right? Psychological studies conclude that we are more credulous than we think. Did you ever fall for fake news? Research shows its simple to brainwash […]

Facebook - Woman Facing Jail Time For Ceviche

Hate speech and trolls on Facebook Facebook is for many, including myself, a synonym for negativity. Mark Zuckerberg and other top managers have just been sued by Germany for their refusal to delete illegal content. Even if users or victims report hate speech several times, Facebook refuses to remove the content from its site. Therefore, […]

Women In Trees - A Mystery?

Tickling your imagination I came across a photo series today, published in the German magazine “Stern”. Of women in trees (in Germany). Yes, women in trees. The pictures below are part of a photo book by Jochen Raiß with over 100 pictures (Publisher: Hatje Cantz Verlag). As the Stern article explains: When Jochen Raiß found the […]

8 Steps To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Plastic waste pollutes our seas, ends up in the bellies of fishes (who often die a terrible death) and therefore later on our plates. That is only one example of the impact of plastic waste on our environment. Many of us would like to reduce their negative impact on this planet, but they don't know […]

Movie Tip: Food Chains

Or: A Story of Greed and Abuse More and more for less and less. Farm workers pay the price for the food industry wars. The film "Food Chains" reveals methods of modern slavery - and the small successes of activists in their war against slavery and abuse. The movie features Eva Longoria and producer of […]

5 Ingredients Make Your Deodorant Dangerous

We are right in the middle of a heat wave here in Chicago. Having lived in Germany 90 % of my life, that takes a toll on me. Especially in summer we love to rely on our deodorant to protect us from evil odor. Some deodorants also reduce the amount of sweat. I find this topic […]

The Terrifying Trip of a Chinese Tourist

Odyssey of an accidental refugee It´s one of these stories, you know, that are funny to read but not so funny to live. The German news magazine "Der Spiegel" reported this story today. It reminded me a little bit on Franz Kafka's "The Trial", hence the picture. It is about a Chinese tourist in Germany […]

Why we stopped posting relationship pictures

One could think that only two kinds of users exist on the internet: The ones that take us to their bedroom, offer intimate insights into their relationships and love life (and don´t forget the family vacation) - and those who are tired of just that. Who can hold it against them? Nobody knows who might […]

You Are Not A Leader

Thoughts on Leadership on Social Media Let me vent for a minute. The following is my personal opinion. Subjective and judgemental. I am getting so tired of all of the leadership posts and leadership quotes on social media. One could think that our society consists of just leaders.  And that the only decent way of […]