5 Facts about Healthy Weight and Obesity

Dangerous fat pads are hard to spot  Obesity and being overweight is said to be unhealthy and dangerous. "Less eating more working out" is something overweight people hear over and over again. Obese people might get evil looks when they eat a treat in public and are considered the next candidate for diabetes and cardiovascular […]

Why GMO´s make you fat

GMO - The Weight Loss Killer Why GMO’s Are Making You Fat And Damage Your Liver That’s a doom and gloom headline, now isn’t it?  But it’s a fact, GMO’s are making you fat and GMO’s are damaging your liver.  How can the foods we eat and have been approved by the government be doing […]

Why Table Salt is bad for Weight Loss and Health

Why Himalayan Salt Is Better For Your Diet And Health Than Table Salt An important and inexpensive change of habit is switching the kind of salt you are using. A small step with a huge impact. Not only is the regular table salt very(!) unhealthy for you -  it is also is a diet killer. […]

7 Super Foods for Weight Loss

7 Surprising Super foods That Help You Feel Full Longer We all know what it’s like to diet and always feel hungry, which can then quickly derail our efforts at weight loss. Would you be surprised to learn that there are foods that are actually higher in fat and good for you, which can keep […]

6 Alarming Facts about Subway Junk Food

Update 2018 Since I wrote this article in 2016, things went downhill for Subways. A part of the people longs for "real" fast food, the other wants healthier and also fresher food. Subways is facing hard times, at least in the US. This year, locations will shut down (regarding to the Business Insider.) In 2017, […]

The 5 Best Protein Sources For Vegetarians

The 5 best sources of protein for Vegetarians and Pescatarians Meat or no meat - a full spectrum of amino acids is necessary for a healthy living. Some stop eating meat for health reasons while others decide that they do not want to eat any flesh of animals or products from animals. Two things are […]

5 Reasons for eliminating Grains from your Diet

Is eating grains good for you? The cavemen diet (Paleo) suggests removing grains from your diet completely. One of the reasons is history. From what we know large amounts of grains became available with the start of agriculture. Agriculture marked the end of the cavemen area. Others bring up the argument of evolution. Their standpoint […]

Artificial Sweeteners the Silent (Diet) Killer

What Sugars Are Good For You And Your Diet So, you’re on a diet and use artificial sweeteners in just about everything.  But, you're still gaining weight and can’t figure out why. Sound familiar?   Unfortunately, you have been fooled into thinking that they will help you lose weight. Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Loss First, […]

Is Counting Calories To Lose Weight Useless?

Can calorie tracking help you lose weight? In this article, you will learn why calorie counting is useless and how you will never need a weight-loss diet again. A calorie tracker references a simple relation between food intake, calorie consumption and current weight. Based on the physical laws of thermodynamics, it suggests that weight loss and […]

Why our Food is too Cheap

How cheap food harms us The United States are the country that developed most of the fast food companies and is ahead of everyone else when it comes to processing food. You find a Burger King next to most McDonalds, directly opposite of the Taco Bell that is the neighbor to a Dunkin Donut. Our […]