No place on earth is safe from our plastic garbage.

As reported by the Independent, scientists could document remainders of plastic waste in deep sea creatures. Both, macro- and micro-plastics were found in creatures living in the deepest part of the sea.


Plastic waste in deep sea

Deep sea means nearly 7 miles depth.

Scientists of the University of Newcastle collected deep-sea organisms in six of the deepest parts of the sea. They examined 90 creatures and found plastic particles in nearly all of them.

Including nylon, polyamide, parts of plastic bottles, packing material, semi-synthetic cellulose fiber.


Contamination of the last untouched place on earth

We know less about deep sea than about the moon. Their depths are considered the last place on earth that is not "influenced" (polluted) by humans. Until now.

This might be shocking news - the scientists were not surprised. A plastic bag takes 400!!! years to decompose. The remainders will end up on a beach or the depths of the sea.

"There is no other option", says Jamieson of Newcastle University.

Deep-sea creatures depend on the material that sinks down from near-surface layers and more and more often it's inorganic material, contaminated with various toxins.


Picture Credit: University of Newcastle

Plastic waste is a global and serious problem

Experts claim that 6 - 10% of the world production of plastic lands in the oceans. That is 66,138,678,655 pounds.


What you and I can do

  1. I've shared tips how you can reduce your plastic waste here: 8 Steps To Reduce Your Plastic Waste
  2. Perhaps you would also like to join the 10-week sustainability challenge?  Free 10-Week Sustainability Training

Keep in mind: You have the power. With every buying decision, you decide if companies will feel the pain needed to change or not.


Simple change, huge impact

Switching to a decent water filtration system and reusable glass bottles, for example, is not only helping the environment, but it's also great for your health.

Currently, I am using Aquasana - a brand with an incredible price-performance ratio and am very happy. Have a look here: Aquasana

In any way: Make sure that you buy a filter that removes contaminants. Britta, for instance, filters more or less just for taste, focused on chlorine. So do a lot of companies who sell taste-filtered tab water (with chemicals so that the water won't turn bad).

Just imagine how much two simple steps could do: Don't use plastic bags and don't buy plastic bottles.

The Walgreens of this world seem to have one task: put stuff in as many bags as you can. And make sure the quality of the bags is so cheap that they cannot possibly be re-used.

You are the consumer. You make the decisions. You set the rules.

I put my faith in you. Comfort is relative once you think things trough.


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