Custom Subliminal Brain Entrainment Session


My ready-made subliminal brain entrainment sessions are the second best. The best and most powerful are your own affirmations. The more connected you are with the messages the more powerful the effect.

Brainwave stimulation makes sure we get into the ideal state, the Alpha state we are in right after we wake up and before we fall asleep.

Now you can order a custom 45-minute session with YOUR very own affirmations.

You can either record your messages with your own voice or we will record them for you.

The subliminal messages start after 15 minutes, for 15 minutes. The audio is carefully crafted to ensure maximum effect. You might hardly be able to understand the messages – your subconscious will. You can just relax and focus on the music while the affirmations penetrate your subconscious.

You can even choose the style of music you prefer. Meditative, modern, guitar, classic, world. We will match your preference as well as possible and provide your unique session.


This audio must not be used while driving or if you are suffering from any form of brain disease. Please see the full warning HERE


You will receive a questionnaire.

Do you want to distribute or use your session in projects? A commercial license is available.

Delivery time up to 7 days after reception of your script / recording (MP3 320 kbps Download).