The little Harvey Weinstein

Originally posted on 10/16/2017 Hanau, Germany, 1995 My best friend for several years was Christiane. She lived about 8 miles (ca. 13 km) away. We spent as much time together as we could. I loved her. She was fierce, charming, and stunning. And she was a few years older than me. She had a brown […]

Why anonymity destroys freedom of expression

Who still believes the internet is free and uncontrollable must be rather naive. Our freedom of expression is in grave danger. You might think I am referring to sinister secret services, conspiracy theorists, or radical extremists from left and right. No. I am referring to the people who are out of control. I am speaking […]

Texas Shooting: Division or Bridges?

These days I am often shocked by what I see on my timelines. Mainly Twitter, the site I am most active. Hate speech. One camp adores a guy who makes fun of a disabled reporter and calls unattractive women "pigs" while the other camp makes as spiteful "fun" about a president who cannot think very […]

This Present Moment, Frankly, Sucks!

Guest Post by Nicole Chardenet Nicole caught my eye after reading some of her outspoken, thought-provoking yet entertaining pieces. I know you'll love her just as I do. I am happy and proud to present: Mindfulness teaches us to live in this present moment which is the only moment we have. Unfortunately, what I was […]

Why am I so angry?

Why am I so angry? I am furious. The world is becoming a snakepit full of violence and hate. Are you angry too?   Deplorable Mitch Mitch is getting ready. He puts on his Lakers shirt, a pair of baggy Jeans and his "Make America great again" cap. He'll meet with friends to have a […]