The war for attention is real, and it's brutal. Players who think they control the game are played by bigger players. And for what? For ad revenue.

Companies like facebook, Google, & Co don't care what they have to do to maximise profit. If we spend more time on their sites (increasing our exposure to advertisements and the data these companies sell to data brokers) when we're sad, they'll make us sad.

If we interact more with advertisements when we're angry, they'll make us angry.

They know everything about us, what makes us tick and every insecurity, and they will use this knowledge to present us with offers. With no concern for our well-being, mental health or happiness.

I mention this in several of my articles, for instance, when I talk about the danger of social media for our mirror neurons, how social media makes us lonely, why negativity sells but is a two-sided sword, and so on.

But the reason for this quick post is that in his daily newsletter, Seth Godin put it in words better than I ever could. If you're not subscribed to his newsletter...why not?

A few additional ideas about what you can do to amplify possibility:

  • Support the quiet ones that work on supporting, not distracting you
  • Don't waste time with useless communication (every time you gossip, listen to gossip, show off or listen to someone else showing off)
  • Remove yourself from occasions where you're just being exploited

Now, let's hear it from the master, Seth Godin: