Thank you, Mr. Trump - 7 Week Review

It is unnecessary to share my political view. I am a social skills coach. And even though I am a US citizen, I spent 8/9 of my life as a guest in Germany. Need I say more?

Please understand that the statement below expresses a personal, biased, subjective opinion. It takes courage these days to share your opinion. Troll bots, data collection, hateful commentators and potential loss of business can be pretty intimidating.

There is a time to be compliant and careful and there is a time to stand up for your beliefs.

Three Reasons To Be Grateful To Trump

Freedom and Brutality

It's not just since seven weeks. Piece by piece, latest since 9/11 we give away our right to privacy and freedom.

We did not speak up. We are so used to freedom we stopped seeing its beauty and importance. Sometimes you have to lose something or be in danger of losing it to value it.

Another factor is that the pieces we lost seemed little, and we were too numb to rebel.

For years now, our society is brutalizing. Few seemed to care. Fake news, vulgarity and hate speech became socially accepted. Words have power. They change our brain. Just say "love" 20 times in a row and see how it makes you feel. The same is true for "hate".

We care again. We are resisting. That is a good thing.

Journalism and Compliance

Journalism rendered itself more or less obsolete during the last years. Again: Opinion. Most major media (there are exceptions!) seemed to be interested in entertaining and ad revenue more than in educating us about what is going on in the world.

Some outlets even attempted to manipulate us instead of educating us and enabling us to form our own opinion. (Hello, Fox News, how are you today?)

I am exaggerating. Perhaps.

It seems like someone poured new life into journalists. Suddenly they became as edgy and important as they should be. Not shy to touch controversial topics or take a stand.

When government agencies/national parks received a muzzle, 40 unofficial twitter accounts were created by government workers in no time. They are 65 now. If you feel that government agencies should be able to provide truthful information, spread this list HERE

Discussion and Solidarity

Injustice, income difference are not news. The decline might have slowed down under Obama, but it never stopped. Many perceived the last election as "choice between two evils". Did we not care enough or stop believing that we can create change?

Something that always fascinated me about many intellectuals and liberal people is that they never seem to agree. Why can we never agree?

Generally, hateful groupings who share the same belief are better at solidarism and focusing their power towards their goal - as opposed to internal discussions and arguments. We are often unable to even agree on a goal. Do we have bigger-than-life egos?

Until seven weeks ago it was hard to find a political post by a liberal/democrat/humanist that did not receive as much headwind from the "left" as from the "right".

Now we stand together. 
Now we stopped arguing. 
Now we join forces and see the bigger picture. 

Thank you, Mr. Trump,
for being so out of line you created the amount of
pain we needed to change!

What now?

I guess everyone is tired of reading yet another horrendous Trump story.

Now is the chance to make a change.
Now is the chance to make a difference.
Now is the time to resist and stay passionate and awake.
Now democracy and the basic American values are under attack.

It is a challenging time for the US. It is also a time with a lot of opportunity for positive change.

Like it or not, comparison to Nazi Germany is not as far-fetched as you might think. When Hitler came to power, "I will kill 11 Million people" (6 M Jews and 5 M other people) was not part of his campaign.

He came to power in an economic crisis. You could say as an avenger of the poor and common people. One of the first things he did was taking control of the media.

Does that sound comparison sound crazy to you? Yes? How did it sound when you first heard Trump is running?

Only this time we do speak up.

Arrogance might be our enemy no. 1. 

And I am as guilty of arrogance as the next person. I do not watch television, I spend my time with positive clients and positive people, I am not active on Reddit or Facebook and disconnect from the few negative posters on LinkedIn.

Even when I deal with VP of Sales with Mike Bosworth, I am around constructive and productive people.

While I lived in my bubble of positivity and discussed the latest scientific findings or interacted with an interesting article or well-educated person, I missed that the world had changed. It was painful to admit that I was guilty of arrogance and even ignorance. I embrace this painful realization as a chance for growth.

I deleted the Kool-Aid picture I used to make fun of Trump's campaign and will become a better person. A person that tries to help people in fear rather than avoiding them.

The time to act is now

The danger is that people adapt. They get used to negative situations, war, injustice and even violence.

Well, I won't. And I hope you won't either.

Progress is not a linear process. Neither is evolution. We took three steps backward and now we will make a jump forward.

To peaceful, respectful resistance!

Love & Light,


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