Why am I so angry? I am furious. The world is becoming a snakepit full of violence and hate.

Are you angry too?


Deplorable Mitch

Mitch is getting ready. He puts on his Lakers shirt, a pair of baggy Jeans and his "Make America great again" cap.

He'll meet with friends to have a few beers (local brew!) and some "real talk."

MAGA. That slogan resonates with him. Like many generation X people, he has less than his elders. Threats everywhere.

Illegals, gays, black people, Islam, terrorists, feminists. Threats everywhere.

His house is under foreclosure. The house where he saw his two kids grow up. Where he spent many auspicious years with his wife. His wife left him last summer. Threats everywhere.

For some intellectual, liberal scum. Mitch's parents couldn't afford to send him to college. Since he lost some toes (diabetes), he can hardly walk and is forced to work a minimum wage job at a fast-food restaurant.

People are getting tired of burgers. The location might close soon. Threats everywhere.

Finally, one politician says it like it is. That's real talk.

Why am I so angry?

Mitch is not angry at greedy rich corporations that don't share the wealth with their workers.

Mitch isn't angry that he is in deep debt because he couldn't afford insurance and has to repay the costs for the amputation of his toes.

Mitch isn't angry at the people who deny scientific findings in favor of corporate interests.

Mitch isn't angry at people who use religion to manipulate and control us.

His brother died in Irak. He's not angry at the people who sent him there.

I am angry too

Greedy corporations and plutocrats fill their pockets while the middle class slowly disappears. They then buy corrupt politicians who's very responsibility is .. or would be ... to take care of us.

why am i so angry

These politicians make sure that we are being fed genetically modified food with built-in pesticides. MSGs that harm our health, Aspartame, long forbidden for human consumption in many countries of the world.

What, you're depressive? Take a prescription and get back in line.

Those of us who can afford health insurance, that is.

We're the only "leading nation" where the life expectancy is going down. Especially of minorities.

Yet, we can afford to play world police (at least, that's how we would like to be perceived. But we're not.) while we cannot make sure that every citizen has access to clean water, proper education, and healthcare.

We speed up the inevitable process of climate change.

Perhaps I am not really angry. More like sad. It's exhausting. You try to make the tiny little difference you can while all around you the world seems to fall into pieces.

State of the world

Perception and measurable reality. I wrote an article back in 2016, called "Why the world is not getting worse." It was pre-trump but I should still go back and read it again.

The thought that comforts me

I'll share with you the thought that comforts me. I am pretty sure that only very few people - if any - will feel the same way. But maybe you have your own thought that gives you new energy when you're tired.

Perhaps you have your own trick or meditation that calms you down when you are rightfully angry.

Anger is not a constructive feeling and the world needs us.

So here it goes (without as much as a hint of scientific credibility):

As humans, we grossly overestimate ourselves. Our importance as well as our relevance and the impact we make in the context of the world. We're a temporary joke in the history of the world.

The purpose of life

While spending hours, days, weeks, months, years and centuries of my life philosophizing about the purpose of life, I came to the following conclusion: I have no idea.

Reproduction probably. But as I did not want kids, I'll go with "blissful ignorance".

So I go about my days trying to make myself and others as happy as I can and enjoy the blessings I have received.

My ability to think.

This thought gives me relief (my insignificance), takes my anger away (a human life is so extremely super short) and at the same time makes me feel obliged to making a positive difference (using my blessings.)

What makes us human

Human beings have the capability to love, feel compassion and empathy. By nature, we are helpful and supportive creatures.

At times it might seem as if a lot of people have replaced their love, empathy, and compassion with hate.

Hate is the product of helplessness. Contempt is the product of a lack of knowledge or insecurity. Aggression is the product of fear.

Mitch should be angry

Mitch has every right to be angry. Perhaps, he should reconsider his conclusion.

While we flirt with the seductive idea of being the "intellectual elite" and better people (delusional much?), we could make an effort to empathize with Mitch.

Mitch does have a point. That pain and fear cloud his vision does not make him a bad person. How about feeling loathing for him with a clear vision?

As Nick Hanauer predicted since 2010: If you starve people for too long they will come with their pitchforks.

An unpopular reference

Adolf Hitler came to power in the midst of an economic crisis. Before you close your mind "you can't compare Hitler to trump" listen up:

He got elected because he promised jobs and a better economy.

His campaign did not include:

  • Killing and torturing of 6 Million Jews
  • Killing 5 Million Non-Jews (Gypsy, Homosexual) ... at the end, even black haired Germans were in danger

It started exactly like this.

It starts with some words. A little bit discriminating, perhaps. Words change our brain. Then the first actions follow. New rules and laws. We hardly notice how they slowly become more cruel, more violent, until we do. It could be too late to speak up then.

First, we tolerate someone mocking disabled reporters and "grabbing women by..... because he can"...

Have a look at this photo series: SPIEGEL PICTURES ... do they look like monsters to you?

What about Mitch?

Good people can and will turn. Good people like Mitch. The process has begun.

Perhaps someone who manipulated Mitch to turn is not a "good" person. He could be mentally ill or evil. The problem with making deals with this type of person is: You can't trust them. You cannot foresee how fast their disease will spread.

Which group will they go after next? Are you really sure it's going to be homosexual people? What if it's obese people? Or little people?

Does it even matter which group gets discriminated (or worse)?

Will we learn from history and act now?

Grab this audio if you need a brain-hug to replenish: Goodness