GMO - The Weight Loss Killer

Why GMO´s make you fat

Why GMO’s Are Making You Fat And Damage Your Liver

That’s a doom and gloom headline, now isn’t it?  But it’s a fact, GMO’s are making you fat and GMO’s are damaging your liver.  How can the foods we eat and have been approved by the government be doing this? Aren’t they safe?  Let’s look at why this is true and what you can do about it.

Why GMO’s Are Making You Fat

Today, we are getting fatter, and that is all due to the fact that we take in too many processed foods, eaten out of those convenient cardboard boxes.  And it’s not just the fat and calories that are playing the role of fattening us. European researchers have a theory that our world’s obesity epidemic may be due to genetically modified foods produced by farmers.  Why do farmers grow this kind of crop in the first place?  That’s a great question, and the answer is simple. Genetically modified crops have their DNA modified to resist long periods of drought, chemical pesticides and in some cases, to ward off funguses that destroy crops.  It helps to guarantee a yield and that is the name of the game, after all. As this is a weight loss book and not health and environment I skip bitter remarks on GMOs, how it kills bees and how risky and dangerous GMOs are. The Organic Center, which is a nonprofit research organization, found that the nutrient levels of modern crops were 10-25% lower than they were some 50 years ago.  This is due to the crops are bred to give higher yields as are the GM crops.  As the nutrient level goes down, we tend to eat more to in order to obtain the levels of nutrients that are recommended.  This may explain why GM crops have led to overeating in a study done in Norway. These foods are interfering with the human appetite and are causing us to overeat. However, research is showing one more problem. All the genes from these GM foods were detected in blood serum later.  

GMO’s Are Damaging Your Liver

The University of Canterbury in Australia issued a warning in 2012 that genetically engineered wheat has an enzyme suppressor that if consumed by humans, could be causing permanent liver failure, which leads to death. This enzyme suppressor, also attacks the human enzyme that is responsible for producing glycogen.  When we eat genetically modified wheat, we are contaminating our bodies with this enzyme-destroying wheat, which is causing our liver to be unable to produce the necessary glycogen.  Glycogen is a hormone molecule that is needed to help regulate blood sugar metabolism. Another big concern is that the herbicides that are used in conjunction with these crops are causing toxicity in our bodies and overloading our liver.  Our liver can only filter and get rid of one thing at a time.  When it is overloaded with toxins, those toxins go unfiltered by the liver and our body then builds up these toxins and can cause some major health issues. Naturally, our liver will not be able to take care of fat as it is busy getting the toxins out. While our kidneys are also not a fan of toxins, harming our kidneys does not make us gain weight.


So, how do we prevent all of this, these modified foods are everywhere? It’s very simple. Eat organic food from a reliable source.  At least as much as you can. When organic is not possible try to go local.  The longer it takes for a vegetable to reach your local store the more likely it has been heavily treated. When buying organic or at least local, you will know where it came from, how it was grown. And you will have the reassurance that there are no high levels of toxins or GMO’s to make you fat or damage your liver. Organic food is healthy and has all of the recommended nutrients your body needs so that you aren’t overeating trying to make up for the deficiencies.   Other health and weight loss related posts HERE