Thoughts on Leadership on Social Media

Let me vent for a minute. The following is my personal opinion. Subjective and judgemental.

I am getting so tired of all of the leadership posts and leadership quotes on social media. One could think that our society consists of just leaders.  And that the only decent way of being is to be a leader.

Who does not have the ambition to be a leader must feel really left out. Like something is wrong with them.

Nothing is wrong with you. Not everyone is made to be a leader. And that is ok.

The world does need great followers as much as it needs great leaders. Maybe even more. Every leader will tell you that.

Followers are crucial to every leader. Followers are the ones that spread a great innovation, make it go viral and carry the vision of the leader. Actually, a leader is just a crazy person until the first follower jumps on board. The first follower is the one who really makes or breaks it and attracts others to follow.

There is no shame in being a follower as there is no shame in not having the ambition of being a leader. Do not let any social media posts tell you otherwise! Even if you see the same ole leadership quote 12 times in your stream (yawn...).

Are you a leader? Really?

And for ALL of the people who perceive themselves as leaders: I hate to be the one breaking it to you. Signing up for an "SEO optimization" affiliate program does not make you a leader. Copying a system someone else has created does not make you an entrepreneur. It just makes you a self-employed person.

  • Who is following you (don´t tell me the number of your twitter bot followers)
  • Who´s lives did you change?
  • What did you innovate?
  • Which group, organization or country do you command?
Inspiring and motivating people is a great thing and everyone should do it. In an empowering way - not in a way that makes others feel incapable. 
Everyone should be wearing the hat that fits them. And not tell people to be how they aspire to be. I find this especially true for "online marketers". Please don´t bug people with your "make 200k in 3 seconds" when you cannot even make a living from your online activities yet. Which is totally fine - as long as you do not BS others about it. 
Every person has the same value to me. No matter if board director or struggling online marketer. 
I am coaching people, I have created and published my own digital product. But I would never call myself a leader. Because I am not. I am glad and proud to serve as coach and help others to achieve their goals. 
Leading is about empowering people. Not telling them (or implying) "I am better than you". 
I noticed one thing about leaders: They do not post quotes about leadership or content that makes others feel inferior. They post content that makes others want to follow them.