Why Himalayan Salt Is Better For Your Diet And Health Than Table Salt

An important and inexpensive change of habit is switching the kind of salt you are using. A small step with a huge impact.

Himalayan Salt is better for you

Not only is the regular table salt very(!) unhealthy for you -  it is also is a diet killer. Anything poisonous that keeps our liver busy is not our friend when it comes to weight loss.   You might notice weight loss by just implementing this little step. Opposite to the table salt you get in your supermarket, Himalayan salt contains a lot of minerals. For one, you will help your liver out by taking in fewer toxins. The instant gratification will be that switching the salt you are using will work like a water pill.

Did you know that you could be harming your health by using regular table salt?  

Many people do not realize this and take it for granted that it is safe. They also don’t realize how it could be harming your weight loss endeavors.

Why Regular Salt Could Be Harming You

Regular salt doesn’t contain all the salts that your body needs.  Table salt contains a form of sodium chloride that has been cleaned chemically into an unnatural form that our bodies does not recognize.  Most processed food that we eat, contain table salt and then we usually pile on more salt.   Often regular salt is referred to as inorganic sodium chloride. Regular salt does not maintain the water balance in your body as efficiently as sea salts can.  The common table salt crystals are dry, hard and separate from each other.   Our bodies have difficulty in processing this.  When water is introduced, the molecules surround the salt crystals and attempt to dissolve them.  This then separates them into chloride and sodium ions.  These larger hard crystals are very difficult to dissolve. This whole process causes our cells to pull water out, which causes cell dehydration. Regular table salt contains calcium silicate, dextrose, sodium chloride, and potassium iodide.  Dextrose is used to stabilize the iodide.  Calcium silicate is an anti-caking agent and keeps the salt flowing in humid climates.  If there is too high of a humidity level, this compound will clump.

Himalayan Salt And Why It’s Better For You

Himalayan salt has a colloidal nature that allows each molecule of salt to interconnect through molecular vibrations.  It is said to be the purest available salt and is basically uncontaminated with pollutants or toxins. Often Himalayan salt is hand-mined and essential washed in an environment where it is pristine.  This salt is 250 million years old and has been subjected to high tectonic pressure and enveloped in ice and snow way up in the mountains. If you were to look at this salt under a microscope, is is a perfect crystalline structure. After much analysis, the holistic properties of this salt have been confirmed.  The content of sodium chloride is 97.41%.  This meets the worldwide standards for table salt. There are sea salts that are referred to as organic salts. We know that salt is a mineral.  But, there are sea salts that have been certified as organic.  This means that the specific salt has been harvested from a pollution-free, protected environment and has not been refined.  For that very reason, the Himalayan salt is an organic salt. When it comes to weight loss, we know that regular salt binds water in our tissues, which then leads to cellulite and water retention.  If you replace regular salt with the highly organized Himalayan salt, that extra water in the body is released.  


When you think about the fact that on average a person consumes about 4,000 to 6,000 mg of salt per day, and many people are suffering illness because of this.  Some heavy salt users sometimes ingest up to 10,000 mg of salt a day!   This is amount is almost four times our recommended amount and is certainly NOT healthy.  When you realize that all of it is processed table salt that contains 99% sodium chloride, it definitely makes matters worse.  It is not good for your health and may contribute to gallstones, gout, arthritis, and many more conditions.   Choosing Himalayan salt that is much higher quality will have wonderful effects on your health and help you with your weight loss goals.   Other health and nutrition related posts